Transmission & Distribution

Linewise Aerial Solutions is North America's premiere aerial inspection company. With over 35 years experience in T&D and 25 years in Infrared, Corona Aerial, HD Video and still image patrol Linewise is the easy choice for Transmission, Distribution and Substation inspection. Linewise reports and maps threats to transmission and distribution lines, giving utility companies the power to cut expenses and deliver efficiently.

The Linewise team of Certified Linemen and Thermographers not only understands your business, but we excel in ours. Whether you're looking for a maintenance service for an existing network or a commissioning service for a new network, we can help.

We have consciously chosen to specialize in aerial powerline inspection. By doing so, we have not only become industry experts in this area, but provide neutral third party unbiased inspection results with no motivation to provide anything but the most accurate inspection results.

Infrared and Corona Inspection

The purpose of Infrared and Corona inspections is to identify all possible anomalies and confirm electrical integrity. To accomplish this we thoroughly inspect your network with both Infrared and Corona technologies. Infrared provides a non-contact, efficient means of identifying electrical anomalies which could result in failure. Corona uses a ultra-violet image sensor to detect partial discharge, corona and arching. Our cameras record geo-tagged video simultaneously allowing us the unique ability to overlay the technologies for identification of anomalies that cannot be recognized by any other means. Our inspection is performed on all line hardware, conductor, sky wire, OPGW etc. with anomalies classified and reported on a 3 tier system.

Benefits of Infrared and Corona Inspection

  • Reduce Public and Environment Liability – identify & repair components not visible with the naked eye before mechanical failure
  • Combined Patrols – Infrared, Corona, Visual, Vegetation, LiDAR = Cost savings
  • Unplanned outage reduction = satisfied customers & revenue protection
  • Cost savings of planned maintenance work; allows predictive maintenance
  • Preventative not reactive
  • Due diligence & documentation of network integrity
  • Detects anomalies not visible by any other means

Insulator Stamp

High Definition Still Images and ROW Video

  • Add or build your GIS System. Our still image camera captures photos of the entire ROW and assets within. Use these high resolution geotagged images for asset information, condition and location.
  • Compare year over year for condition rating, trending and predictive maintenance. Import in to your GIS system – all data is fully integrated with ESRI and Google Earth.
  • Allow engineers to see the physical condition of structures and components without the need to de-energize and climb the towers or poles.
  • Allow maintenance teams to remotely plan access routes and work method
  • Our aircraft cover the ground and inspect the towers far more quickly and efficiently than conventional inspections (foot patrol) and leave no environmental footprint.
  • Cover your assets with documented diligence of your network and ROW pre/post construction.

Visual Inspection and Vegetation Patrol

GPS Asset Mapping

The Linewise asset mapping service provides key information for complete, precise and user-friendly monitoring. View the precise location of your towers, sleeves and other assets as mapped images and videos. Import our supplied information into your already existing GIS system and proceed with immediate remote access planning and work method determination.

Visual Inspection and Vegetation Patrol

Allow our certified Lineman to provide a complete visual inspection of your network and ROW identifying danger trees, vegetation concerns and visually detected anomalies. Prioritize brushing operations with exact GPS coordinates and HD video of concerns. Gain efficiency and cost savings through combined environment friendly aerial patrols. Utilize our reports, video and high resolution images for NERC / FERC compliance.

Network Assessment

Our team not only identifies anomalies but also understands them. We use this experience to classify anomalies on a 3 tier system, discuss causes of failure and offer repair recommendations if requested. We continue to build on our experience inspecting line on a full time basis in a variety of geographies.


Thermovision of a similar Assembly Shows Heat Rise, Usually Indicating a Problem that could be Minor (EMI source) or Major.

Loose bonding wire

Improperly pressed conductor sleeve

Broken conductor strands

Insulator Detection

Insulator Detection

Insulator Detection: This defect can only be seen by stripping away the rubber from the fiberglass rod

Insulator Detection

Bolted pad on 230 kV Dead End

Pressed dead end body